Welcome to ArtisanSkin. 



I have always loved the idea of being able to trade directly with the public as well as with fashion buyers. Your reputation is entirely in your own hands.

It has been very satisfying building this site so that I may express my visions and values to a wider audience. I have carved a name for myself over the last 30 years designing leatherwear that is synonymous with quality and cut, as well as the manufacture and colour palette. It has been an interesting journey so far.
THE PAST. . . .
After graduating in 1982, I began to sell individual pieces across London before setting up a design studio supplying boutiques in the West End. From there I went on to show in Paris, New York, and Tokyo as well as London, building up a loyal band of top department stores and boutiques along the way.
Seven years later I moved from London to Somerset and set up my business in a lovely country home. This also gave me the opportunity to start the family I had always dreamed of. 
The next chapter in my life has brought me to Devon. This was predominantly so that my four children could attend the wonderful Steiner School in Dartington and so that we all had the chance to fully develop our creative ambitions. This change in my working dynamic has allowed me to spend more time in my children's lives and approach my work with a fresh perspective.
This year I am launching the 2014 ArtisanSkin Winter Collection to trade customers. 
I feel moved to offer the authentic understated garments that have always inspired me and share the story of the skin origins. I feel customers are interested to know more of the artisan story and the relevance of good land husbandry and it’s origins with the resulting end garment.  
This season I have looked into the world of the new artisan producers for my raw materials and found bio-dynamic farmers supplying specific breeds of sheep with a characteristic wool type. Tanners that use only organic processes and a trend back to vegetable tanning and the use of natural wax products.  This 2014 Winter Collection will be up on site in August. Trade forward orders can be placed from February.
The garments I create have a quality of everyday sensuality.  Something that is lovely to touch, kind on the body and effortless to wear on any occasion. I believe this is achieved by virtue of the beautiful tactile skins I search out and the subtlety in the colours which are chosen to enhance our skin colouring. It is always my mission to use proportions that flatter the body and at the same time convey the essential essence of fashion direction for that particular season. 
I always pay attention to ethical concerns, particularly to the knowledge that the skins become available as a by-product of the meat industry.
I am happy to add new lines to the Collection. So if there is something you really have your heart set on, please feel free to contact me with any questions or requests. 
Jane Norris